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For those who are curious about their genome: get your genes sequenced and keep in touch with scientific progress that can help manage any genomic risks to your health. We will sequence all ~20,000 genes and you will receive your results on a secure portal comprising risk reports for various diseases, carrier status for mutations that might affect your children, as well as genetic predispositions to commonly used drugs. You can track new scientific information on your genomic variants as and when available on your secure portal.Download Brochure

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Variations in one's DNA can manifest with clinical symptoms generally very early in life. There are however, a large subset of DNA variations that contribute to the development of disorders later in life. Genomic Health Insights identifies presence of such genetic variations for the following 'adult onset disorders':

Hereditary Cancer Risk:

Cancer is caused by the spontaneous accumulation of genomic changes over decades. This accumulation may proceed at different rates in different individuals. Some individuals are born with genomic variants that make them much more susceptible to this accumulation, leading to an increased risk for cancer. Variants in several genes have been discovered to increase cancer risk for 11 relatively common cancers and more than 25 rare cancers.

Hereditary Cardio-vascular Disease Risk:

Cardio-vascular disease is a group of diseases that affect your heart and blood vessels. Hereditary cardiovascular conditions represent a small percentage of cardio-vascular diseases, but are very important to assess risk. While several lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking etc also increase cardio-vascular risk, knowledge of any genetic predisposition and corresponding risk can significantly help your clinician in making useful lifestyle recommendations.

Hereditary Metabolic Disorder Risk:

Inherited metabolic disorders refer to medical conditions caused by inherited genetic defects that interfere with the body's metabolism. Very often, the variations that are seen in these genes manifest in early childhood and adolescence. Sometimes, however, it can take years before symptoms can be seen, e.g., as in Wilson's disease where copper accumulates in various organs over time. Such disorders manifest clinically as adults or under conditions of stress. An assessment for variations in the genes known to be associated with inherited metabolic disorders presents an opportunity for your clinician to prepare you for a mitigation solution where needed.

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